Real-Time Translation, Anywhere, Any Device.

Accurate interpretation is a contextual exercise that requires a deep understanding of subject matter, the languages involved and the emotions being conveyed.

  • Automated Machine Tranlsation in 100 languages
  • Speak securely in your native tongue and be heard across the globe
  • Voice-to-voice in 60 languages
  • Interactions are transcribed and analyzed for accuracy
  • Control quality and accuracy with industry/company dictionaries

Chinese Manufacturer and Italian designer speak natively

Voice Enabled Translation

Call mobile phones without downloading an application or plugin

RCG cloud network

  • Integration: RealComm Global’s offering will allow companies to plugin voice and conferencing capabilities into any platform, or call center.

  • The click-to-call feature enables RealComm Global’s customers to call their customer’s mobile phones without the need of downloading an application or installing a plugin.

  • Experience has shown that developers can integrate such SDK’s and plugins in less than a month.

Languages in subtitles
Languages voice-to-voice
Global dictionaries

A Paradigm Shift in Global Communication

Companies now generally have to hire human interpreter/translator services, a model that is cumbersome and expensive in terms of equipment and venue set-up, and limited to the number of available resources who speak a given language.

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