Emotional understanding: the key to yes!

Business processes and decision-making are more effective, when data platforms are enriched with unique emotion data.

Whether you are a content creator, a qualitative or quantitative researcher, or you work with digital media, our emotion layer can enrich any aspect of your work, guiding your creative process and measuring the effectiveness of your interaction.

With our technology you can emotion enable your own applications and consumer experiences.

Embed highly accurate emotion recognition algorithms (classifiers) which have been trained and tested using the largest emotion data repository—the world’s largest emotion database with more than 3.2 million faces from 75 countries analyzed, amounting to over 12 billion emotion data points.

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An SDK for Measuring Emotions

RCG Emotion Analytics SDK

Understanding cultural differences and nuance

Insight to reach agreements

Build accurate in-depth profiles

Understand, don't just analyze


Eliminating cultural barriers one emotion at a time

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